Naer Mataron were gathered back in the year 1994 with the aim to play Hellenic black metal. Their lyrics are dealing with the ancient Hellenic pantheon, with virtues such as pride and honor drawn from periods and heroes of European history.

After the release of the promo tape “The Great God Pan”, they released their debut album “Up from the Ashes” on Black Lotus Recs.This ...successful release is followed by the “Skotos Aenaon”, “River at Dash Scalding” and “Discipline Manifesto” albums, each one driving Naer Mataron one step further into the exploration of true black metal.

Throughout their 17 year history, they have shared the stage with significant bands, such as Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Dissection, Gorgoroth, Arcturus, Dodheimsgard, participated in big festivals and headlined several successful shows. In this period most of their albums have been re-released on several editions, along with some cult 7” ep releases.

In the Spring of 2007, Naer Mataron traveled to Oslo, Norway and entered the studio to record "Praetorians"... The spawn of Naer Mataron's unholy alliance with the notorious mr. Vicotnik from DHG (Vocals & production), is something more than the 5th album of one of the most respected Hellenic hordes: it is actually their most extreme, fast and uncompromising work to date! Release date set for May 2008.

The year 2009 comes along with a new ambitious drummer for the band. The demons call him Asmodeus Draco Dux, and with him dominating the drum kit, they joined Jarboe on the "Mother of Changes" European Tour. Shortly after, they flied to South America for their first headline tour "Apocalypse of the Ancient One".

The newfound chemistry created by Indra and Asmodeus Draco Dux urges the band into a more brutal direction, so Kaiadas seizes the opportunity to lead the band into the paths of death. NAER MATARON, having found new comradeship in the ranks of Witching Hour Prod, glorify death and unveil him as something that peaks with birth and ceases in death. LONG LIVE DEATH, The apocalypse begins in 2012... 

The seed that was planted years ago in the land of the dead, grew to be a tree of woe, watered with the blood of the living. Once again, Kaiadas, Indra and Asmodeus Draco Dux join their forces in a Sinister Triangle of Discipline, Inspiration and Execution that opens forth the way unto the Temple of the Radiant Sun. All the experience and chemistry of the past years, conjoined with the unique sound delivered by Hertz Studios on mix and mastering, hallmark this murderous metal of black death. Another chapter of violence and brutality is written, and the Great Dragon roars once more as the Promethean Flame returns. The time has come. AGHIOS O DRAKONTAS!

















Release Date: 2017

Tracking List:






Live Album: Nacht Der Drohenden Schatten
Release Date: 2016

Tracking List:

1. Ostara    
2. Death Cast a Shadow Over You    
3. Incarcerating Gallantry  
4. Blast Farnace  
5. Faceless Wrath of Oblivion  
6. The Cult of Doom and Dagger  
7. Scotos Aenaon  
8. Faethon  

Album: Naer Mataron / Nergal (Split)
Release Date: 2013

Tracking List:

1. The Whisperer In Darkness 07:03

Album: And The Word Was Made Flesh
Release Date: 2013

Tracking List:

1. The Magus 05:21
2. Demon's Lord 10:07
3. Eternal Ice 01:18
4. The Light Bearer 07:08
5. The Hunt 02:20
6. Nightmare (Sarcofago cover) 07:48
7. Nyhta Pagani 06:27
8. A Secular Pursuit of Coffins 04:19
9. And The Word Was Made Flesh 14:01

Album: Long Live Death
Release Date: 2012

Tracking List:

1. Long Live Death 00:50
2. Apocalypse of the Ancient One 02:41
3. Sleepless Beings 03:50
4. I am Lucifer, Messenger of Your Death 04:52
5. Goat Worship 03:50
6. Faceless Wrath of Oblivion 03:09
7. Parade into Centuries 03:51
8. Whispers of Begotten Premonition 03:48
9. The Cult of Doom and Dagger 04:47
10. Ode to Death (The Way of All Flesh) 05:02

Album: I Am the Light of the World (EP)
Release Date: 2012

Tracking List:

1. A Secular Pursuit of Coffins 04:08
2. I Am the Light of the World 07:47

Album: Praetorians
Release Date: 2008

Tracking List:

1. Anti-Celestial Campaign 01:09
2. Ostara 05:52
3. Sun Wheel 07:50
4. Death Cast A Shadow Over You 05:46
5. Secret Heritage 07:20
6. Astral Anthology 00:43
7. Sol Invictus 04:59
8. Incarcerating Gallantry 04:44
9. The Eternal Pest 06:51
10. Eagle`s Nest 04:44
11. Praetorians 09:18

Album: Voice Of Hate / Naer Mataron (Split)
Release Date: 2006

Tracking List:

1.  Chaos disruption 05:58

Album: Discipline Manifesto
Release Date: 2005

Tracking List:

1. Extreme Unction 09:43
2. Blessing of Sin 07:51
3. For the New Man 03:04
4. Arrival of the Cesar 05:58
5. Blast Furnace 04:54
6. The Day is Breaking 07:00
7. The Last Loyal 05:27
8. Land of Dreams 06:01
9. Last Man Against Time 09:15

Album: Awaken In Oblivion (Compilation)
Release Date: 2004

Tracking List:

  Disc 1  
1. The Chosen Son 02:35
2. Faethon 06:17
3. Zephyrous 05:33
4. Ta en Eleusini Mysteria 04:07
5. Zeus (Wrath of the Gods) 04:05
6. The Silent Kingdom of Hades 06:40
7. The Great God Pan 06:16
8. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover) (bonus track) 03:38
  Disc 2  
1. ... And Bloodshed Must Be Done 02:55
2. Diastric Fields of War 06:42
3. Iketis 05:39
4. Skotos Aenaon 04:59
5. Astro-Thetis-Kosmos 08:39
6. Hyperion 06:14
7. Wolf of Ions 07:53
8. In Honour of the Wolf 06:43
9. Winter War Memorial 06:02

Album: Aghivasiin - Lessons On How To Defeat Death (Compilation)
Release Date: 2004

Tracking List:

1. Alchemist 09:12
2. Zeus (Wrath Of The Gods) 04:22
3. Zephyrous 05:12
4. Winter War Memorial 07:03
5. Iketis 05:12
6. A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes 04:54
7. Steppe 06:10
8. Kalki The Avenger - Lightning And The Sun (Death) 02:32
9. Iketis (bonus live video)
10. Diastric Fields Of War (bonus live video)
11. Faethon (bonus live video)
12. Skotos Aenaon (bonus live video)
13. Wolf Of Ions... (bonus live video)

Album: River At Dash Scalding
Release Date: 2003

Tracking List:

1. As The Clouds Of War Gather 01:19
2. The Continuity Of Land and Blood 03:11
3. The Great Meridian Tide 08:46
4. Revolt Against The Modern World 06:41
5. The Life And Death of Europa 06:40
  Part I. Cosmogonia (Life)  
  Part II. Kalki The Avenger-Lightning And The Sun (Death)  
6. The Triumph Of Will 05:07
7. Ancestor-Worship 04:24
8. Salvatores Dei 09:12
9. The Plunderer (Ved Buens Ende cover) 03:49
10. Steppe 05:44

Album: A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes (EP)
Release Date: 2001

Tracking List:

1. A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes 06:33
2. Steppe 08:10

Album: Skotos Aenaon
Release Date: 2000

Tracking List:

1. ... And Bloodshed Must Be Done 02:51
2. Diastric Fields of War 06:39
3. Iketis 05:37
4. Skotos Aenaon 04:56
5. Astro-Thetis-Cosmos 08:35
6. Hyperion 06:11
7. Wolf of Ions 07:50
8. In Honor of the Wolf 06:40
9. Winterwar Memorial 06:00

Album: Up From The Ashes
Release Date: 1998

Tracking List:

1. The chosen son 02:36
2. Faethon 06:19
3. Zephyrous 05:35
4. Ta En eleusini Mystiria 04:08
5. Zeus (Wrath of the gods) 04:07
6. The silent kingdom of Hades 06:43
7. The great god Pan 06:14

Album: The Great God Pan (Demo)
Release Date: 1996

Tracking List:

1. The Great God Pan 07:30

Album: The Awakening Of The Ancient Greece (Demo)
Release Date: 1995 (Nar Mataron era)

Tracking List:

1. To Demon 02:26
2. Wrath of Zeus 04:12
3. Zephyrous 04:58
4. Odes 01:58

Album: Tales Of The 12 Gods (Demo)
Release Date: 1994 (Nar Mataron era)

Tracking List:

1. Hymn to Zeus 01:30  
2. The Chosen One 02:35  
3. Enfold Thy Strength 03:28


Line up

Kaiadas:bass vox


Asmodeus draco dvx:drums