For the new year... arrival of the Aten god

A year has passed, slipping away like a shadow  fades unto the silence of an endless night.

A year that saw us as blazing protagonists of our intimate artistic process of evolution, architects  of our inner change, witnessing a daily reality diluted in nightmares  but conscious of what  art means to us despite of everything happened in our lives!

As the wise King who victoriously reigns conscious of his triumphs and defeats, Naer Mataron now overlook to the gate  of the new year with vigor and strength as never had before like the phoenix rising from the ashes!


And with this message we turn to you fanatic supporters, loyal allies of the true voice of music, wishing you a happy ending for this 2013 and a new beginning for all of you!


With honor and pride


Asmodevs Draco Dvx ov Naer Mataron